Mainframe Modernization

Ivory offers a suite of industry-leading mainframe integration and data access tools that improve operational responsiveness by simplifying and accelerating access to mainframe applications, data and processes.

Using Ivory, developers can seamlessly integrate the mainframe with new technologies like mobile banking, web-based portals, business intelligence, business process management and packaged applications. Mainframe integration makes your mainframe relevant today.

Mainframe Migration

Neo offers a suite of tools that makes migration a lot easier than you might think. We are the leader in migrations of candidate applications from IBM mainframes to the Microsoft .NET/Windows environment. We minimize risk by helping you identify which applications are good candidates for migration.

Our clients are seeing cost savings of 60% to 80%, in addition to better performance with our approach. Once migrated, your legacy business rules are easily exposed to C# and VB.NET, and modernization options abound.

Modernize COBOL

With NetCOBOL®, you can modernize your COBOL applications and eliminate costly run-time fees. Lowering your TCO for your COBOL distributed applications is possible without converting your data.

Preserve your COBOL and increase flexibility by bringing your applications into the future. NetCOBOL runs on .NET, Windows®, Linux and SPARC.