Systems Maintenance and Optimization

Keep your operating system running efficiently for maximum performance and cost savings

How well is your operating system really performing? You may think you know, but do you really? If not, it’s time to make systems maintenance and optimization a priority.

GT Software’s IT experts know what it takes to keep your enterprise solutions running smoothly. Our team is well versed in agile methodologies and constantly strive for excellence and innovation. For over 30 years, our team has specialized in software solutions for the IBM z/OS portfolio, including z/OS, z/VSE, and z/VM. We are also well versed in the distributed world with expertise in both Microsoft and Fujitsu NetCOBOL. Our expertise and proven success is what our clients count on as well help them excel.

GT Software has also partnered with several vendors to help organizations understand how their operating system is currently running. These various solutions not only give a snapshot of operating systems’ performance, but highlight areas for improvement. Many clients not only have gained increased performance, but have ended up saving money by freeing up MIPS or eliminating tools and data that were no longer serving the enterprise.

Solutions for IMS – Legacy zXP

GT Software is the distributor of Legacy Software Solutions’ Legacy zXP. Legacy zXP is a performance enhancing solution for IMS that focuses on increasing online transaction throughput.

Additional Benefts of Legacy zXP:

  • Reduced z/OS monthly licensing costs
  • Up to 70% increase in online transaction performance
  • Easy installation
  • No IPL or major system configuration
  • Ability to switch transactions on/off easily
  • Admin console
  • Compatible with z/OS, COBOL IMS, NATURAL and HOGAN
  • No modification to transaction or runtime code

Solutions for z/OS – z/OSEM

GT Software partner, Trident Services is the creator of z/OSEM (z/Operating System Environment Manager). Z/OSEM provides one robust solution for total system management of z/OS.

z/OSEM enables organizations to simplify and modernize how organizations manage z/OS. With over 200 features and an easy-to-use ISPF interface, z/OSEM provides control over operating system performance.

Additional Benefts of z/OSEM

  • Reduces and controls ISV costs through resource routing
  • Manages and improves system throughput
  • Eliminates exit migration issues
  • Adds comprehensive reporting for HSM activities
  • Reduces HSM CPU consumption