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Comparing Mainframe and Windows Server Transactions per kWh

Greater Power Efficiency = More Green In The Bank

With the increasing focus on making data centers as green as possible, this paper shows how a well-managed group of PC servers running the Windows Server® operating system provides much better power consumption than z9 mainframes and provides a viable alternative to the newest z10 systems mainframes running the same workload.Download »


It Could Mean Millions in Savings!

In its 50+ years, COBOL has earned a solid reputation for being stable and reliable. Companies can rely on this legacy code and use it with confidence. Fujitsu NetCOBOL can help your organization continue to grow and leverage this investment. Discover the benefits, cost savings, and ability of Fujitsu NetCOBOL to enable your COBOL code to interact with modern programming languages.Download »


Save Expense and Increase Agility for Today's Fluid Business Climate

Migrate from the Mainframe

In this eBook discover how mainframe migration can have a formidable impact on the bottom line. Migration not only creates more agility, but better positions the company for profitable growth.Download »

Robust Mainframe Integration and TCO Reduction

It’s Possible with Ivory Service Architect

Despite the increasing adoption of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and other component-based development approaches, the mainframe remains a cornerstone of enterprise computing.

With Ivory® Service Architect™, IT organizations enjoy the many benefits of architectural ‘choice’ and can set high expectations for fully leveraging mainframe assets in the modern development initiatives of today.Download »

The Mobile Insurance Revolution

Are You Ready?

This eBook explores some of the key issues insurance organizations need to consider as they formulate plans and embark on initiatives to implement mobile applications that make sales agents more agile and efficient, as well as more responsive to customer demands.Download »

The Business Performance Revolution

Is Your Mainframe Mobilized?

In this eBook, discover how robust, mobile applications can help your workforce streamline performance and boost workforce productivity.Download »

Enabling the Mainframe for Mobile, Web and Social

Why enable the mainframe for mobile, web and social?

This eBook discusses the role of the mainframe in most organizations, including how to perform seamless and non-intrusive integrations. Also, discover how to continue to meet your customer demands while utilizing your mainframe assets and further enabling them.Download »

How Accurate is Targeted Marketing if You Can't See Your Target?

The CMO Mission: Data-Driven Segmentation

This eBook discusses the challenges that CMOs face in today’s competitive, dynamic business landscape. Enterprise marketing leaders can make the best strategic decisions when they can access all of their data – even if it is on the hard to access mainframe. Data unification is the key to gaining insight into all customer and prospect information, and it’s easier than you think!Download »

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Control Your COBOL Future in 2018

There are two ongoing challenges that many companies face —ever rising costs and how to be responsive to constantly changing business requirements. However, companies whose applications were written in COBOL find dealing with these two issues to be even more of a barrier to their success. GT Software’s Principal Technical Architect Walter Sweat will show you how to counteract these two challenges in this informative webinar, which is co hosted by CMG.Download »
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How to Leverage Agile COBOL Development to Drive Digital Transformation

GT Software and Computer Measurement Group team up for an informative webinar detailing why COBOL still makes sense in the age of digital transformation. GT Software’s Technical Architect Walter Sweat will show you why COBOL is the absolute right tool to handle the complexities of today’s Big Data environments.Download »
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Mainframe APIs: Taking You Into the Future

Join IBM Systems Magazine and GT Software’s Director of Product Management, Don Spoerke, for this informative webinar about APIs and their place at your company. Learn all about the evolution of APIs, the emerging API Economy for Digital Enterprises, and how GT Software can help you get started with creating your own APIs.Download »
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Break Free from Micro Focus Dialog System Constraints

Are you tired of the challenges from working with Micro Focus Dialog System’s old, proprietary platform? GT Software and Flexus have developed a migration solution to allow you to break free.

Based on industry standard components instead of a proprietary infrastructure, GT Software and Flexus’ Dialog System migration process allows companies to move their applications to a more modern, cost effective platform that also eliminates COBOL runtime fees for good.

Also, if you’re an existing Micro Focus customer who does not use Dialog System, then GT Software and Flexus also have solutions to help you move to a more cost effective environment to suit your needs.Download »

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Application Transformation: Leverage UrbanCode for Faster Agility

In today’s fast paced business world it’s all about agility and speed. To stay competitive, organizations must leverage existing assets while creating new applications for success. But, what does this all mean for you if your organization relies on the mainframe?

Join IBM and GT Software for an upcoming webinar and discover how IBM’s UrbanCode and GT Software’s Ivory solutions makes application development and deployment easier, faster and betterDownload »

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Learn How to Never Pay Runtime Fees Again with Fujitsu NetCOBOL

If you’re tired of being locked into an expensive, inflexible COBOL compiler that makes application modernization difficult, then break free with Fujitsu NetCOBOL.

NetCOBOL is the only compiler that:

  • Eliminates runtime fees for good, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Features performance geared compilers that are optimized for your operating system
  • Follows strict ANSI standards, increasing consistent programming among your team
Download »
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Sophisticated Mainframe Orchestration for Mobility Takes Flight

American Airlines’ Justin Kerchal and IBM’s Barry Baker will discuss how easy it was for American Airlines to streamline the process of maintaining their fleet; thereby keeping flights on time and customers satisfied. With this new mobile application, American Airlines’ maintenance technicians are now able to process work orders and access inventory at the point-of-service via tablet. The best part? No coding was required to make this mainframe-based data take flight into the world of mobility.Download »

Getting a QUALITY Compiler for COBOL Shouldn't Be Restrictive...

Do you want to break free of proprietary policy to prepare for the future?

Discover how to take advantage of long-trusted COBOL applications on a distributed platform while maintaining the reliability, stability and predictability expected of legacy applications.Download »

Gain AGILITY in a COBOL Compiler Without Jumping Through Hoops...

Are you annoyed from having to “jump through hoops” for your COBOL Compiler vendor? Want to escape the burden of inflexible licensing, high costs and programming restrictions?

Reduce your reliance on proprietary dialect, features, and tools and prevent yourself from being locked into a COBOL Compiler’s high costs and forced upgrades, forever!Download »

Locked into an Expensive COBOL Compiler?

Are you running COBOL applications on .NET, Windows, or Linux? Break free of runtime fees forever!

Discover the hidden costs of distributed system COBOL compilers. Explore the true Total Cost of Ownership and how you should consider all costs and not just the obvious compiler expense.Download »

The Business Performance Revolution: Are You Ready?

Could your mainframe be challenging your company’s productivity?

If the mainstay applications that reside on your mainframe are at the core of your company’s performance, then the answer is probably YES.

View this case study driven webinar and discover how:
-Several large organizations are shattering obstacles to rapidly blast past Mobility 2.0
-Mobile enablement is the key to increasing employee productivity and improving customer satisfactionDownload »

Enhancing Customer Engagement: Mainframe Web and Mobile Access, It's Easier than you Think!

Are your customers demanding a mobile application and you find connecting to mainframe applications daunting?

Find out in this case study driven webinar, how real companies created engaging, mobile applications to empower customers and their workforce.Download »


Podcast: Certified Container for Ivory Service Architect

Don Spoerke, Director of Product Management, appeared on the Red Hat X Podcast Series to discuss our newly certified container for Ivory Service Architect. Click below to learn about our partnership with Red Hat and how it led to this alternate option in going from legacy to leading edge.View Podcast »

Podcast: Turning Legacy Systems into Leading-Edge Applications

Steve Hassett, COO of GT Software, appeared on The Dana Barrett Show for Tech Tuesday. Click below to learn how we help companies transition their legacy systems into leading-edge applications.View Podcast »

Podcast: Silver Lining in the Cloud

Featuring GT Software Chief Technology Officer Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews discussed the growing role of the mainframe, the role of application modernization, and the implications of the growing millennial workforce. Recorded: April 20th, 2016.View Podcast »