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Interested in learning how to leverage agile COBOL to drive digital transformation? Curious to see how mainframe APIs can benefit your company? Our webinars and videos provide the answers to many of today’s leading questions.

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Modern Application Development and the Mainframe Watch

Application development is different today than it was in the past. In this webinar we discuss what makes mainframe integration such a unique challenge.

IMS API’s- You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Watch

In this webinar by 10-time IBM Champion Dusty Rivers, you will learn how some of the world’s largest IMS installations successfully implemented hundreds of API’s.

What to Consider when Evaluating a Mainframe Migration Watch

This informative webinar delves into mainframe migration and explores the impact it can have on your company.

Neo Suite Product Demo Watch

Learn more about GT Software's powerful set of tools that enable low risk mainframe migrations.

Open Banking and PSD2 Webinar Watch

This educational webinar explores Open Banking and PSD2, the role of APIs in this mandate, and ways integration can be accelerated.

Mainframe Integration: The Time is Now! Watch

This educational webinar explores the optimal time to integrate your mainframe

API Enabling Your Mainframe with GT Software Watch

Learn how Ivory Service Architect can API enable your mainframe and why it is the most complete solution for mainframe integration.

Successful Mainframe Migrations: Ensure Functionality, Security and Scalability Watch

Learn how mainframe migration can increase overall performance, scalability and security, all while saving up to 90% in yearly IT expenditures.

Application Analyzer: A Brief Demo Watch

This nine minute video will give you an overview of how GT Software's Application Analyzer, which is powered by ib-ARM®, works.

Ivory: Building a RESTful CICS API in Less Than a Minute Watch

See how you can quickly create a RESTful API based on CICS transaction, using GT Software's Ivory product.

Ivory: Building an IMS API in Less Than a Minute Watch

Watch as Ivory creates a simple RESTful API based off of a mainframe IMS transaction, in under 60 seconds.

Ivory: Building an API to 3270 Applications Watch

Demo showing Ivory efficiently and easily creating an API based on a 3270 applications on the mainframe.

Ivory: Building Composite APIs Watch

Building composite APIs doesn't have to be difficult.  GT Software's Ivory will easily create complex REST and SOAP APIs.

Mainframe APIs: Taking You Into the Future Watch

Learn all about the evolution of APIs, the emerging API Economy for Digital Enterprises, and how GT Software can help you get started with creating your own APIs.

How to Leverage Agile COBOL Development to Drive Digital Transformation Watch

GT Software and Computer Measurement Group team up for an informative webinar detailing why COBOL still makes sense in the age of digital transformation.

Sophisticated Mainframe Orchestration for Mobility Takes Flight Watch

American Airlines’ Justin Kerchal and IBM’s Barry Baker will discuss how easy it was for American Airlines to streamline the process of maintaining their fleet.

Locked into an Expensive COBOL Compiler? Watch

Discover the hidden costs of distributed system COBOL compilers. Explore the true Total Cost of Ownership and how you should consider all costs and not just the obvious compiler expense.

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