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Our collection of eBooks offers the in-depth analysis you need to help get the most out of your IT investment.

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Best of Breed API Middleware for Mainframes Download

Companies continue to benefit from the mainframe's unsurpassed levels of availability, scailability and performance. Learn about mainframe API enablement and identify the best-of-breed characteristics to look for in evaluating any mainframe API middleware toolset.

The CMO Mission: Data-Driven Segmentation Download

CMOs make the best strategic decisions when they can access all of their data. Data unification is the key to gaining insight into all customer and prospect information, and it’s easier than you think!

Enabling the Mainframe for Mobile, Web and Social Download

We discuss the role of the mainframe in most organizations, including how to perform seamless and non-intrusive integrations while utilizing your mainframe assets and further enabling them to meet your customer demands.

The Business Performance Revolution Download

Discover how robust, mobile applications can help your workforce streamline performance and boost workforce productivity.

The Mobile Insurance Revolution Download

Insurance organizations need to consider certain issues as they implement mobile applications to make sales agents more agile and efficient, as well as more responsive to customer demands.

Robust Mainframe Integration and TCO Reduction Download

With Ivory® Service Architect™, IT organizations enjoy the many benefits of architectural ‘choice’ and can fully leverage mainframe assets in the modern development initiatives of today.

Migrate from the Mainframe Download

Migration not only creates more agility, but better positions the company for profitable growth. See how!

ReFOCUS Your COBOL Download

Companies can rely on the reliability and stability of COBOL with confidence. Leverage this legacy investment with Fujitsu NetCOBOL and discover the benefits, cost savings, and ability to interface COBOL code with modern languages.

Comparing Mainframe and Windows Server Transactions per kWh Download

We show how PC servers running the Windows Server® operating system is a greener alternative to z9 and z10 systems mainframes running the same workload.

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