Video Collection: Navigating Open Banking Complexities

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We’ve broken up our recent open banking webinar into bite-size videos to get you the important information faster.

Open Banking Is Rapidly Changing and Banks Must Change With It.

In the United States, open banking is currently being driven by the market more than regulators. However, changing consumer demand and banking standards is making it impossible for banks to continue business as usual. Many are pulling over to take a look at the bigger IT picture and make sure their next steps are strategic and intentional. 

The Implications of These Changes Will Affect Your Entire Enterprise. 

From a line of business to digital innovation leaders, change and innovation are coming from all directions. That’s why IT needs a secure and scalable way to support those needs that also handles the complexity of the legacy environment in a way that maintains low latency. 

We Can’t Afford to Ignore Legacy Technology Any Longer. 

It’s no secret that well-established companies continue to use mainframes to house critical legacy applications and/or as their system of record. What’s unclear is how can these firms join the modern world without sacrificing their mainframe investments and embarking on an extremely risky migration.  

Enabling Your Mainframe to Work with KYC, AML, and Open Banking Standards. 

After coming to the logical conclusion that the benefits of keeping your critical data and applications on the mainframe outweigh the risks, it’s time to get creative. With Open Banking SmartBridge managing the complexity of your legacy environment, you’re no longer limited to what you’ve done in the past. 

The Shortage of Legacy Skillsets Is Not the Shortage of Legacy Technology. 

While the industry is facing the real possibility of a legacy talent shortage, banks can’t let this or any other future fear dictate their roadmap. All new tech will become legacy tech eventually, but there are lots of no-code tools out there to help. 

Global Bank Executes First Instant Payment in France Using SmartBridge. 

Becoming the first bank in France to complete an instant payment was an ambitious objective. After thoroughly researching several products, the banking giant found that Open Banking SmartBridge is the best for handling complexity. 

Curious About Open Banking SmartBridge?

Learn how to easily connect your core systems to secure API open banking standards, FinTechs and other third-party systems with GT Software’s Open Banking SmartBridge.

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Steve Hassett


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