Professional Services


We have a variety of professional services to support your organization’s needs by providing key resources to help projects succeed.

Get expert advice for your migration, modernization and application development projects while minimizing risk and optimizing technology investments. GT Software’s experts provide deep technical knowledge, disciplined project management and the latest in agile implementation methodologies to help you ensure project success, on time and on budget.

What We Do

For over 30 years, our experts have specialized in helping organizations leverage IT investments, including the mainframe. Whether providing tools to help access mainframe data and applications, enabling the development of innovative new applications, or by helping companies bring core business information to the distributed world, GT Software is committed to preparing your organization to compete in today’s digital world.

How We Do It

In-House Expertise
The GT Software team includes experts in all areas of z/OS and z/VSE, IMS, CICS, and distributed environments. Our team is dedicated to excellence, trained in agile methodologies and provides the extra help needed for organizations to succeed.

Reputation of Excellence
Over 2,500 customers worldwide can attest to the power of GT Software’s solutions and expertise in helping organizations to succeed by enabling data access to hard-to-reach legacy data. Our experts excel by empowering developers to build new, robust applications and by helping them leverage APIs, mobility, BI initiatives and migration to open platforms for innovation and growth.

Key Partners
In the spirit of true agility and innovation, GT Software has cultivated an impressive bench of strategic partners around the world. By bringing in outside help and working with renowned experts, GT Software employs the best resources and knowledge base to complete projects quickly, on time, and within set budgets.

GT Software’s Professional Services