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Enterprise-Class COBOL Compiler

When COBOL applications or components are needed, trust in NetCOBOL’s development environments (Visual Studio, Eclipse or native Windows) to improve the efficiencies of your development process. Whether design, programming, testing or maintenance, the IDE conforms to your existing platform while modernizing your program development, resulting in greater efficiencies and stability. And with tools tied to Windows and .NET environments, you have the versatility to modernize the functionalities of your key systems from a single solution.

NetCOBOL is a highly structured ANSI standard COBOL development environment which takes advantage of the rich historical features of COBOL, while at the same time offering an interface to the latest technologies in the state-of-the-art environments.



The Benefits of NetCOBOL

Powerful COBOL Compiler Without Run-Time Fees

NetCOBOL gives you all the power of other compilers without expensive run-time fees.

Standardized COBOL Resources That Can Be Used Securely For A Long Period

NetCOBOL complies with International Standard and industry standard specifications, which enables stable operation and expansion of key systems for the future. Existing COBOL properties and skills can be fully utilized.

COBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) That Conforms To Your Platform

“NetCOBOL Studio,” is a COBOL development environment based on Eclipse and has been built into NetCOBOL for Windows and Linux. NetCOBOL for .NET utilizes the industry leading Visual Studio development environment.

Enabling Highly Efficient and Productive Program Development

COBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a way to efficiently improve the entire development process, including designing, programming, testing, and maintenance. It enables program development linking with the latest technologies from batch to Web applications. Whether you are only maintaining your existing applications or extending them to work with newer technologies, NetCOBOL offers you a robust and high performance environment that gives you the flexibility you desire. The powerful debugging capabilities of NetCOBOL and its development environments mean you get your applications developed and tested quickly.

Enhancing the Value of Business-Critical and Mission-Critical Systems

The range of applications of key systems can be expanded and developed by linking with the latest technologies such as .NET, Java, and XML.

CIO of Washington State Department of Licensing

The beautiful part of the solution was the ability to take our current COBOL code, some of which is over 20 years old, and remove the screen and data interfaces and port that to Windows using NetCOBOL without changing any of the business logic. By moving to this new platform, utilizing XML and Web Services we were able to interface with other platforms much much easier and cheaper than before.

Is NetCOBOL Right For Me?

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