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Mainframe Migration

Nothing beats a mainframe for power, reliability, scalability, and security. But what if your business or application no longer requires the power and security of a mainframe and your long-term IT strategy involves replacing it with a different platform?

Trust GT Software’s Neo Suite for a smooth transition that is also extremely cost-effective.

Neo preserves your native code and provides a feature rich solution that can easily convert your mainframe apps to a .NET/Windows environment.


Neo accelerates migration by automating upwards of 90% of your code without remediation, including targeted application migration.

Intelligent Graphic User Interface

For code that does need some level of remediation, the .NET development environment makes applying those changes easy with the utmost flexibility.

Less Risk, Less Time, Less Money

Our migration solution preserves your native code while also allowing you to efficiently transfer your data, all without trapping you in a proprietary environment.

Additionally, our team of experienced migration experts advise you on which applications are best for migration, to ensure your ongoing success if you are looking to only move some of your applications and data from the mainframe.

The result? A less costly migration solution that stabilizes and preserves your existing code while reducing operating expenses.

Why Neo?

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