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Powering the Connected Mainframe

Today’s organizations are rapidly driving digital transformation initiatives to deliver unsurpassed customer experiences and powerful IT efficiencies. For large enterprises, the existing mainframe holds the key to unlocking their digital future – if they can integrate the platform with internal and external environments. It’s what analyst firm IDC terms the Connected Mainframe. And the results can be staggering.

GT Software’s integration solution, Ivory Service Architect, brings these connected mainframe capabilities to your existing technology. It provides the flexibility and performance that your business demands, while avoiding the complexity and cost of other solutions.

Mainframe Integration Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Legacy applications are not like packaged applications. Since most are custom built, pre-built APIs don’t exist. They were built for the green screen era and are often made up of hundreds of programs and systems with thousands of tables.

Duplicating the green screen user experience on web or mobile won’t cut it, so most other tools and approaches require custom programming to add new logic necessary to achieve the desired user experience. Ivory creates complex and powerful REST and SOAP APIs with no programming.

Why Ivory?

Project Manager of France Galop

My team was able to maintain focus on the day-to-day work priorities without having to learn a new language. Ivory Service Architect made working with the existing mainframe applications a non-intrusive and simple process.

Developing and Deploying Mainframe APIs Made Easy

Designed to work across a variety of mainframe platforms, Ivory combines drag and drop capabilities with a no-code platform, to provide a truly effortless integration experience. Implementing Ivory Service Architect requires minimal training, ensuring that you are operational in significantly less time and at a dramatically reduced cost than other solutions.

Whether you are streamlining business processes, embracing mobile application development, extending your mainframe logic to be an API consumer, or even implementing a service-oriented architecture, trust Ivory Service Architect to enable mainframe integration and take your investment to the future.

Benefits of Ivory:

  • Easy creation of REST and SOAP APIs
  • Support for all platforms, languages and data
  • Bi-directional Web services
  • Robust service orchestration
  • Superior runtime performance
  • Optimal developer productivity
  • Leverages specialty engines
  • High performance batch and presentation logic integration
  • Flexible top-down service design
  • Unprecedented IMS/TM, providing the industry’s only support for:
    • Multiple segment output message support
    • Variable length output message support
  • Support for modern data types (i.e., images, video and other binary formats) via Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
  • Protection of company assets with Microsoft TFS source control integration

The Latest Release of Ivory Service Architect Includes:

  • Support for UTF-16 Encoded Data, including UTF-16BE (Big Endian) Support in Copybooks
  • Ivory Studio COBOL reader now supports moving data to and from UTF-16 encoded fields
  • Support for mixed case passwords
  • Ability to continue a service after a program abnormally ends during the execution of a Link3270 transaction
  • New ‘Override SOAP Action’ property added to the Web Service Client Point node, allowing the user to override the default SOAP action to be used in the web service client call
  • Enhanced support for REST/JSON Web services – enables mobile applications to interface with mainframe applications, for full UI support that’s more user friendly
  • Test tool that supports all message formats – ensures full operability of  developed services and ability to test Web services before deployment vs. manual testing

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