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Neo Speeds Up The Migration Process

Neo by GT Software accelerates migration by automating upwards of 90% of your code without remediation, including targeted application migration.

For that small amount of code that does require remediation, development and debugging with Visual Studio and NetCOBOL easily expedites the process.

Our feature rich migration solution preserves your native code, efficiently allowing you to transfer your data, without trapping you in a proprietary environment.


  • Works with standard COBOL indexed file I/O statements, but can read and write SQL data
  • Bring ease to JCL set-up and maintenance in Windows
  • Automates transition from VSAM indexed files to SQL data
  • Easy file editing through GUI NeoData editor

Why Neo?

Let Neo Do The Heavy Lifting. Read More In Our Whitepaper.

Migrate From The Mainframe

Migration doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.

Neo helps speed the process while reducing risk. Transfer your data easier without having to re-write any code.

By relying on Neo to migrate to a more adaptable environment like the Microsoft®.NET Framework, your organization can easily share relational databases as well as mine data and create business intelligence, fostering greater analytics with real-time response to business demands.

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