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Neo Helps Migration Speed

If your business no longer requires the power, security, reliability and scalability of a mainframe, NEO is the most efficient way to migrate to a Windows .NET environment.




  • Preserves your native code while allowing you to efficiently transfer your data
  • Minimal user disruption, as CICS applications retain their interface and functionality
  • Easy-to-use wizard that automatically converts your BMS maps and handles the transition of the CICS commands

Why Neo?

Efficiently Execute a Mainframe Migration. Read More in our Whitepaper.

Migrate from the Mainframe

Mainframe migration can have a formidable impact on the bottom line.

Getting ahead of challenges and cost-effectively converting them
to opportunities is where many businesses struggle, particularly
those that are mainframe-dependent.

For these organizations, mainframe migration can be an expensive and risky process. Make the process of migrating off of a mainframe safer and faster.

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