Sort Data 30% Faster and Increase Productivity with PowerBSORT®

PowerBSORT significantly shortens the time needed to merge or sort data for business processing. Tests have shown that PowerBSORT merges and sorts data approximately 30% faster than the sort function in COBOL. Slash sort times even more by using the PowerBSORT command window. By substituting PowerBSORT for the merge/sort utility you currently use, you gain immediate productivity improvements by sorting large volumes of data without disrupting the current environment. PowerBSORT offers a straightforward way to slash response times for merges and sorts on Windows®, Linux and SPARC.

PowerBSORT supports the following files and encoding types:

  • Supported Files: NetCOBOL files, Btrieve files, CSV and TSV format files, text files with field separated by specified character(s)
  • Encoding Types: ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode (UTF-8), (UTF-16)

Benefits of PowerBSORT

  • Improves merge/sort times by as much as 100% over other solutions
  • Sorts records in a specified sequence
  • Merges sorted records
  • Outputs records from one file to another
  • Picks up the specified field of an input record and reconstructs the record during sorting, merging or copying
  • Sorts and merges C-ISAM files and NetCOBOL files directly on UNIX platforms (Linux, SOLARIS and Windows)