Fujitsu NetCOBOL® is an enterprise class COBOL compiler and runtime that offers superior performance, scalability and security, all with no associated runtime fees.


NetCOBOL is an open platform COBOL development environment which takes advantage of the rich historical features of COBOL while at the same time offering an interface to the latest technologies in state-of-the-art environments. Important benefits of NetCOBOL are:

Standardized COBOL resources that can be used securely for a long period
NetCOBOL complies with International Standard and industry standard specifications which enables stable operation and expansion of key systems for the future. Existing COBOL properties and skills can be fully utilized.

Providing COBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that conforms to your platform
“NetCOBOL Studio,” a COBOL development environment based on Eclipse which is an open-source integrated development environment, has been built into NetCOBOL for Windows and Linux, and NetCOBOL for .NET utilizes the industry leading Visual Studio development environment.

Enabling highly efficient and productive program development
COBOL Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows improvement of efficiency of the whole development process including design, programming, testing, and maintenance. It enables program development linking with the latest technologies from batch to Web applications.

Enhancing the value of Business-Critical and Mission-Critical Systems
The range of applications of key systems can be expanded and developed by linking with the latest technologies such as .NET, Java, and XML.

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