Eliminate COBOL runtime fees for good

ReFOCUS Your COBOL: It Could Mean Significant Savings!

Are you tired of being locked into a COBOL compiler that is expensive and cumbersome to use? Break up with your current
compiler today and switch to Fujitsu NetCOBOL®. NetCOBOL does not charge you any runtime fees. In addition, you can add
new functionality to your COBOL with modern programming languages (C#, C++, and VB), giving you the ability to leverage the
powerful, agile Microsoft® .NET Framework.

How Can You Benefit from Fujitsu NetCOBOL®?

Save Big and Prepare for a Bright Future

NetCOBOL helps you excel in three core areas:

  • Cost – big savings yield great results and potential millions in cost savings
  • Agility – leverage existing business knowledge to succeed by bringing new life to legacy code
  • Quality – build upon the solid foundation of tried and true COBOL code

Eliminate COBOL Runtime Fees – Permanently

NetCOBOL never charges any runtime fees for distributing applications, which provides big cost savings and
prevents administrative headaches.

Gain High Performance and Reliability

For years, NetCOBOL has delivered impressive performance and rock-solid stability. It is easy to install and run,
without any complex options or heavy technical support. It just works!

Integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio® and Eclipse

NetCOBOL enables the use of an interactive debugger with a range of features, such as breakpoint, varieties of
execution control, data item monitoring and updates, and code coverage statistics. Automated debugging lets
you record, store, and replay debug commands.

Combine Legacy and Contemporary Development Skillsets

With NetCOBOL, you will bring together mainframe and modern programmers to work more efficiently.

Take Business to the Next Level

NetCOBOL allows you to modernize and prepare for the future by providing the ability to:

  • Replace text screens with graphics
  • Build customer web portals
  • Use online databases

Future Proof Applications

Whether you want to move to on-site distributed systems or to the cloud, NetCOBOL can easily adapt to your business needs. NetCOBOL for .NET runs COBOL on Microsoft Windows Server® and Microsoft Windows Azure®, the most advanced platforms in the cloud.