Allow Your CICS Applications to Run Off the Mainframe

NeoKicks allows you to move your CICS applications to a more flexible and better performing environment, while also affording huge financial benefits. NeoKicks keeps your CICS functionality, even if you don’t have a screen based interface. If you do have a screen based interface, you will be able to extend that functionality in an agile, effective environment.

Converting CICS Apps

NeoKicks Wizards take CICS applications, along with any associated BMS maps, and converts them to run in a lower cost and higher performing platform. Once NeoKicks has converted BMS maps into web pages, standard ASP.NET master pages, cascading style sheets and standard ASP.NET controls are available.

With NeoKicks, it’s easy to replace character-based screens with graphical user interfaces, build customer-facing Web portals, integrate social media and create custom applications.

Benefits of NeoKicks

  • Freedom to use the best language for each situation, as a NeoKicks migrated application can interface with languages other than COBOL, like c# and VB.NET
  • Easy-to-Use Wizard that functions within Microsoft Visual Studio® that automatically converts your BMS maps and handles the transition of the CICS commands
  • Provides extensibility and scalability to mainframe applications
  • Leverages Microsoft IIS
  • Allows you to run your CICS applications in a horizontally scalable environment
  • Gives you the ability to modernize the look and feel of your green screen
  • Allows you to easily web service enable your applications