Allow your CICS apps to run off the mainframe.

NeoKicks streamlines CICS by converting CICS BMS map screens into ASP.NET web pages. These web pages retain the same familiar look and functionality of the original screens, but operate as a true web application with all the features and functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio®.

Converting CICS Apps

NeoKicks Wizards take CICS BMS maps and associated COBOL programs

and converts them to ASP.NET pages. Once NeoKicks has converted BMS maps into web pages, standard ASP.NET master pages, cascading style sheets and standard ASP.NET controls are available.

When CICS is converted, it retains mainframe user interface behaviors like overtype, tabs, function keys and more. That means you won’t need to re-train staff or modify legacy code. You become less dependent on the shrinking mainframe programming skills because NeoKicks lets you take advantage of .NET standard programming languages like C#, C++ and VB.NET.

With NeoKicks, it’s easy to replace character-based screens with graphical user interfaces, build customer-facing Web portals, integrate social media and create custom applications.

Transforming CICS to ASP.NET Web Apps

NeoKicks converts CICS to ASP.NET through an easy-to-use wizard that functions within Microsoft Visual Studio. When the conversion is complete, CICS applications will run through a standard web browser. At runtime, NeoKicks services handle the CICS commands, providing the equivalent .NET functionality.


When the NeoKicks conversion is complete, CICS applications retain their interface and functionality, delivering the performance and flexibility of a distributed network without disrupting the user experience.


With CICS in .NET, user interfaces can easily be redesigned using CSS and HTML to incorporate logos, graphics and more.

Go Beyond .NET

The Windows® Azure™ cloud computing platform is based on the .NET Framework. This makes transferring ASP.NET web applications to the cloud simple and effective. It also makes leveraging mobile platforms through Windows® Mango possible.

Benefits of NeoKicks:

  • Cost Effective and Scalable
  • Escape from Proprietary Hardware and Software Environments
  • Benefit from a New Open Environment with Enhancements and New Technologies
  • Modernize Application Interfaces
  • Expose Existing Mainframe Logic as Web Services
  • Provide Programmers with Visual Studio – The World’s Best Development Environment