Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

NeoData gives you the freedom to use and access data and reports whenever and however you want. By translating mainframe VSAM data to standard Microsoft®SQL Server™, NeoData splits hard to access indexed files into an easily accessed database environment.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, NeoData makes mapping mainframe index files to SQL data tables easy with drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons to define data types. NeoData analyzes data’s record definitions and maps them to fully customizable data tables that can be modified to suit business needs.

NeoData- Migrate VSAM data to Microsoft SQL Server

  • Works with existing batch and online programs
  • No need to rewrite legacy COBOL code
  • Normalizes complex VSAM file structures so they are more functional
  • Automates the transition from VSAM indexed files to SQL data
  • Converts EBCDIC to ASCII easily by using the powerful conversion capabilities of NeoData
  • Uses the robust data editor to look at VSAM and sequential files in a grid format
  • Allows easy file editing through GUI NeoData Editor