Migration Services

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Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the risks, costs, time requirements, and benefits of a migration project?

GT Software’s Migration Services team has one powerful objective. We want your applications to run where they serve you best. Mainframe, open systems, web or cloud, it doesn’t matter. Our role is to help you better understand your applications and to help you safely migrate legacy applications and data.

Expert Guidance

Strategic decisions about legacy migration need acute visibility into existing systems to budget costs, potential savings, time frames and risk. GT Software brings more than 30 years of mainframe experience to every migration.

Our team of experts will help you understand:

  • Existing legacy applications, data and interdependencies
  • The required effort and risk associated with moving workloads to distributed environments
  • Expected costs and financial gains of migration

Achieving the Benefits of Migration

GT Software’s team of experts can help you bring the innovation and efficiency to your organization that you’ve
been lacking on the mainframe. By moving to the distributed environment, not only can you cut MIPS and reduce costs, you can enjoy the flexibility of working the Microsoft .NET environment.

Full Migration Made Emigration services_neo suiteasy

With GT Software’s Neo Suite, all applications and data are fully migrated. There is no “lift and shift” involved. Our team will help you migrate your core data and applications safely to protect your IT investments with no additional coding required.