Mainframe Migration Case Study

Luxury Cruise Line migrates off the mainframe to cut IT expenses 80 percent

luxury cruise liner wanted to replace its legacy mainframe system, along with its two million lines of CICS COBOL code, which was making it difficult for them to integrate with contemporary systems. However, because of around-the-clock operations, the process had to be fast and seamless for customers and users alike. “We are a 24/7 environment, when one cruise ends another starts. It’s very important that customer’s bills are accurate when disembarking, and that the oncoming passenger’s accounts are immediately initiated.” Using GT Software’s Neo Suite to transition from mainframe to a distributed .NET environment, the cruise liner was able to preserve its original business logic, making it faster and less expensive than rewriting the applications for .NET. Now the cruise liner can process their passenger’s bills in just 90 seconds, down from one hour. They also have much greater access to information and have seen a tremendous reduction in hardware, licensing, maintenance and training costs.

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