Large German bank improves employee productivity and customer service with Integration & Orchestration Solution

The fifth largest bank in Germany, which provides commercial banking and trading services under its own brand and for smaller banks throughout Germany, wanted to weave all of the disparate IMS mainframe applications together and make the various data accessible through a more modern interface. However, re-writing the existing business logic was considered too complicated and time-consuming. Its current securities order management system was written in COBOL and consisted of several thousand programs, developed and extended over many years. Its online interface was based on an extensive central system component, which was multi-functional and highly complex, serving both customer advisors and back office services. The solution had to: 1) be easy to use, 2) not require a massive training effort, 3) enable the creation of multi-step, multi-operational composite services, and 4) demonstrate high levels of reliability and robust performance.

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