Ivory® Suite

Using the Ivory Suite, developers can seamlessly integrate the mainframe with new technologies like mobility, web-based portals, business intelligence, business process management and packaged applications. With the Ivory Suite, application integration is possible with no coding required.

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Ivory® Service Architect

Quickly Extend Access to Mainframe Applications, Data and Processes

Ivory Service Architect easily extends access to the mainframe through web services — with no code written, generated or changed and with no additional MIPS usage. Mainframe integration is quick and easy, regardless of platform, programming language and data format. Best of all, Ivory Service Architect requires minimal training and can be quickly deployed! With Ivory Service Architect, mainframe developers can seamlessly integrate new technologies like mobile, web-based portals, business process management and packaged applications.

Benefits of Ivory Service Architect:

  • Support for all platforms, languages and data
  • Bi-directional web services
  • Robust service orchestration
  • Superior runtime performance
  • Optimal developer productivity
  • Leverages specialty engines
  • High performance batch and presentation logic integration
  • Flexible top-down service design


Now, there are even more benefits included with the latest release of Ivory Service Architect v4.6:

  • Unprecedented IMS/TM, providing the industry’s only support for:
    • Multiple segment output message support
    • Variable length output message support
  • Support for modern data types (i.e., images, video, and other binary formats) via Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
  • Protection of company assets with Microsoft TFS source control integration
  • Improved performance via a native 64-bit Ivory Studio
  • Additional upgrades to support enhanced enterprise scalability, performance and security

Developing and Deploying Mainframe Web Services Made Easy

Ivory Service Architect makes web service development and deployment simple. Developers use Ivory® Studio, an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, to assemble web services from mainframe applications and data without additional coding. Developers define web service inputs and outputs, and then graphically model the multi-step process to implement the service. Ivory® Server publishes information from Ivory Studio, accessing applications and data directly in each native environment. Ivory Server can be deployed on or off the mainframe.

Ivory® Data Hub

Access Mainframe Data with SQL – No Changes to Database Systems or Data Required

Ivory Data Hub delivers the most agile IT solution available today to meet the exploding demand for mobile, web, and cloud applications. Ivory Data Hub enables distributed clients or mid-tier servers to access data residing on mainframe systems via standard SQL. Clients do not have to make changes to the mainframe database systems or to the data residing in these databases. Secure, reliable and performance driven, Ivory Data Hub meets the most critical application deadlines to deliver in record time. Ivory Director™, a key component of Ivory Data Hub, features an innovative browser-based tooling that allows clients to easily map non-relational data sources to a relational model. Ivory Data Hub is an enterprise data access solution on z/OS and VSE. Data access is provided with ODBC or JDBC Services.

Ivory Data Hub Supports:

  • VSAM
  • CA IDMS™
  • CA Datacom®
  • IMS
  • DL/I
  • DB2
  • Sequential Datasets

Provide Mainframe Applications Access to Distributed Data Sources

CICS and batch applications do not have to be confined to only access data residing on the mainframe. Ivory Data Hub enables mainframe applications running online and in batch, to access relational database systems residing on distributed systems. Your CICS applications can now read Oracle databases residing on Linux on z, or SQL Server™ in your Windows cloud infrastructure. Any data source in your enterprise accessible via ODBC or JDBC, can be reached from your mainframe applications.

Bulk Data Transfer

Ivory Data Hub provides facilities to perform bi-directional data transfer between mainframes and distributed systems. Customers can extract data from any of its supported data sources, and can insert the selected data into target database systems. This work can be scheduled using ad hoc transfers, or by using the included provided scheduler. Ivory Data Hub will define SQL tables for you in the relational database systems based on the data you are extracting, and will take care of mapping non-relational data structures in mainframe database systems to relational tables in your distributed database systems. Now clients can easily populate data warehouses with historically hard to access mainframe data, or populate distributed database systems with data to allow clients to run reports offline without affecting transactional daily workloads.

Download Ivory Data Hub Product Sheet

Ivory VisualConnect®

Transform 3270 Screens for Instant Access to Mainframe Data and Applications

Ivory VisualConnect makes it possible to easily create intuitive graphical interfaces to replace cumbersome 3270 screens. By replacing traditional 3270 screens, your entire organization can directly access legacy mainframe applications and data through any standard browser. Modernizing your mainframe’s connectivity and usability not only extends the life of your investment, it improves user efficiency and company productivity! The conversion is fast and easy because Ivory VisualConnect requires no programming nor any changes to existing 3270 applications. Plus, you can save money because emulation is automated through Ivory VisualConnect, which means there is no need for emulation licensing or the costly fees that go along with it. Deployment to all major application servers is supported, as well as all modern Internet browsers, including mobile platforms.

Benefits of Ivory VisualConnect

  • Improves application usability
  • Reduces training costs
  • Increases user satisfaction
  • Boosts productivity
  • Extends the ROI in existing hardware and applications
  • Eliminates the need for 3270 emulation licensing

How Does Ivory VisualConnect Work?

A Visual Editor provides an intuitive development environment where you can easily customize application interface screens free from the limitations imposed by 3270 screen size. Ivory VisualConnect requires no programming, supports Java 7 and includes a HTML renderer. With a powerful scripting language, you can change the application behavior to make them more efficient and your user experience more cohesive.

Change the Look of your 3270 Screens by:

  • Removing fields
  • Reorganizing and realigning fields
  • Renaming, adding or deleting labels
  • Skipping, breaking up or bypassing screens
  • Combining components of multiple screens into one

Download Ivory VisualConnect Product Sheet


Provide 3270 Help Screens – No Coding Needed

Ivory ASSIST/TS allows you to provide screen or field level help screens to 3270 applications without changing or adding new code. Easy to configure and use, it enables the replacement of outdated and inflexible help systems. Ivory ASSIST/TS features an easy-to-use menu-driven interface to guide even the most non-technical end-user through creation and maintenance of help systems.

How Does Ivory ASSIST/TS Work?

Ivory ASSIST/TS includes the ASSIST Web Help feature to allow your end-users to display Ivory ASSIST/TS library members from a browser, rather than a green screen. ASSIST Web Help receives a help request (Window, Panel, Manual, Query or System) via HTTP from any application. It then retrieves the help/reference information from Ivory ASSIST/TS and presents the HTML help/reference information in a separate browser window.

Benefits of Ivory ASSIST/TS:

  • Extends help screens and online manuals out to a browser
  • Utilizes existing help with new web applications
  • Attaches help windows to applications without changing application source code
  • Develops electronic/paperless documentation systems
  • Presents DB2 data to the 3270 terminal via SQL SELECT statements
  • Integrates with Ivory Data Hub to connect to other data sources

Download Ivory ASSIST/TS Product Sheet

Ivory BMS/TS®

Create BMS Maps Faster than Ever Before

Ivory BMS/TS is a powerful BMS screen generator that enables you to reduce by 80%-90% the time it takes to build, edit and maintain BMS maps without being connected to the mainframe.

Benefits of Ivory BMS/TS

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop map development using a graphical user interface
  • Installs in less than five minutes
  • Developers become productive with minimal training
  • No requirement to be connected to the mainframe to build and maintain BMS maps

Download Ivory BMS/TS Product Sheet