Ivory® Data Hub™

Easily access enterprise data with SQL and meeting the demand for mobile, web and cloud applications.

Ivory Data Hub enables distributed clients or mid-tier services to access data via standard SQL. Secure, reliable and performance driven, Ivory Data Hub meets the most critical application deadlines to deliver in record time.

Designed for z/OS and VSE, the Ivory Data Hub includes the Ivory Director™. Featuring innovative browser-based tooling, clients can easily map non-relational data sources to a relational model.


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Key Capabilities of Ivory Data Hub

SQL Access to Mainframe Data
Fast, easy access via ODBC/JDBC to data and applications on z/Server and VSE

SQL Access from CICS and Batch Programs
Ivory Data Hub returns result sets, performs special processing, executes important business logic and enables updates and access to any data source.

SQL Access to Other Types of Data
Access disparate data on both the mainframe and distributed based platforms. SQL-based queries can incorporate distributed data into mainframe applications. Distributed based data may be SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, ODBC and others.

Data Transfer with Mainframe
Use the transfer function for data warehousing, data staging, near real-time replication or data migration.

Benefits of Ivory Data Hub:

  • Provides standard SQL access to mainframe data in one tool
  • Extends value and investment of the mainframe
  • Easy to install, administer and configure
  • Enables agile deployment for rapid mobile, web and cloud app development
  • Allows creation of new business apps on any platform, leveraging mainframe assets
  • Opens bidirectional access to non-mainframe data sources
  • Adheres to standard mainframe security constructs
  • Includes built-in load testing capability

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