Ivory Data Hub v5.2.0 Expands Capabilities for Mainframe Data Access

Atlanta, GA – July 30, 2013 – GT Software announced the release of Ivory Data Hub v5.2.0, the data access component in the Ivory Suite of products. The release expands Ivory Data Hub’s capabilities by providing SQL access to CA IDMS. Its features are designed to simplify SQL access to mainframe data, simplify problem diagnosis, and extend its integration into IBM’s Workload Manager (WLM).

“Mainframe systems are excellent data servers and organizations are seeing increased customer demand for distributed applications to access mainframe data. Centralized data simplifies data management, access control, backups, and reduces record duplication, ” says Henry Fogwill, Director of Development at GT Software.

Ivory Data Hub updates include:

  • SQL access to CA IDMS allows clients to access their mainframe data via ODBC and JDBC. Meta-data definition mapping is performed with easy to use browser based tooling, without the need to change data definitions in CA IDMS.
  • Adaptive Logging allows clients to selectively trace all activities and identify potential problems quickly in Ivory Data Hub using IBM’s System Logger. All log activity can be viewed in ISPF or from browser based tooling.
  • Workload Management (WLM) extended integration allows the Sysplex Distributor to route inbound SQL and Advanced Communication Integration requests to the Ivory Data Hub server best suited to execute the SQL query.
  • Advanced Communication Interface for Natural broker based applications allows distributed clients to communicate to existing Natural application programs via SQL requests from distributed systems.

“Many are reluctant to launch modernization initiatives for fear of risk to enterprise systems and mission-critical data. Ivory Data Hub enables users to get easy access to mainframe data to quickly create exciting mobile, web, social and cloud applications, ” says GT Software’s President, Eric Nelson.