GT Software’s Integration & Orchestration

Why make several data requests, when one will do? 

For more than 30 years companies have been amassing a diverse application portfolio. Originally residing and operating solely within the mainframe, over time, as technologies and needs have expanded, applications have grown more disparate and complex. For most large organizations, the mainframe, its applications and its data remain just as relevant to operations today, yet must now share center stage. Interdependencies between other platforms and applications residing within the company as well as those extending to partner systems and customer interfaces have added a new dimension requiring seamless integration and orchestration.

Orchestrate Applications, Information and Data Flow

With GT Software’s Integration & Orchestration you can easily gain access to all your business critical information. Even if it’s on the “hard-to-access” mainframe, you can integrate the information that you need, when you need it, into the applications and solutions necessary to improve performance — very simply, and with no required programming. Rather than making three requests for information residing in three systems, you can orchestrate your information synchronously in one single function. GT Software’s Ivory® Service Architect™, makes it possible to quickly build Web services to orchestrate data transactions with one request.

Align Data with Business Requests

Aligning business requests with applications, data and infrastructure can be complicated. Frequently part of the information you need is in one location, and another part may reside elsewhere. Often it’s not until those bits of information join that you can determine where the next data request should be directed. This business logic makes bi-directional orchestration of information critical for many of today’s applications. GT Software’s Integration & Orchestration lets you easily unify applications, technologies and data sources so you benefit from shared information across your ERP, CRM, HRIS or BI solutions — making your organization stronger.