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The rise of mobile communication has changed today’s traveler, with real-time updates and broad transparency rapidly becoming the new norm. Your operations and logistics teams are constantly under fire to quickly deliver applications that can provide live updates directly to the consumer, including scheduling changes, remote check-in and even real-time luggage tracking. All while still ensuring that personal data is securely managed.

This is a tall task, considering the hundreds of thousands of customers you serve every day and many third-party agents that your team utilizes to make it all happen.

And as you’re all too familiar, your company must be better, faster and more streamlined day-in and day-out to remain competitive in the market. Can your legacy technology keep up in the age of mobility, cloud technologies and digital transformation?

With Ivory Suite, You’re Clear for Departure

Thanks to Ivory by GT Software, modern mainframe integration is not only a possibility, it’s your reality. Operating within a no-code, drag-and-drop environment, Ivory seamlessly integrates with today’s leading systems to provide the agility your IT team demands and the functionalities your end-users desire.

If you’re looking to utilize your mainframe for nimble app development or figure out what your legacy technology can do for user-friendly process management, check out what Ivory can do for you.

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