As a leader in mainframe modernization, GT Software is continuously updating and adding value to our products. We are proud to announce the release of Ivory Suite 6.5, which provides major support for the OpenAPI specification, improvements to the approach for automated creation of Ivory projects based upon OpenAPI reference documents, upgrades to security features, and superior callable program generation.

Additional Support for the OpenAPI Specification

Ivory 6.5 supports new reference documents, such a YAML, in addition to JSON. Users can generate and process multiple responses for a single operation/http verb. It improves keyword support for $ref, allof, enum patterns and required/optional elements. Finally, Ivory provides several improvements to the import and generation process of OpenAPI Service Contracts.

Improved Automated Creation of Ivory Projects Through Open API Reference Documents

Ivory 6.5 users can automate OAS project generation through Ivory Wizards and the Command line interface (GTCLI). Ivory also brings new legacy structure support for Boolean identifiers. Additionally, there is dynamic array processing for large/complex payloads, as well as new support for form URL encoded payloads. Ivory now creates IMS message processing programs for new service based business logic applications, along with new support for multiple response and status only response payloads. Finally, the improvements to the HTTP header give clients more options for implementing RESTful services.

Upgraded Security

Ivory 6.5 provides SAF pass ticket support to provide more options for security authentication and authorization. The JSON Web Token (JWT) support provides generation and verification of Bearer Tokens. Several enhancements are included in the release which provide improved error response processing and configuration of the certificate keystore.

Superior Callable Program Generation

Ivory 6.5 introduces a new, dynamic client API for Ivory Callable Services, which provides improved support for services designed for large input or output.

We are excited for our customers to utilize Ivory 6.5’s new features. We will continue to make additional improvements to the OpenAPI support to maximize the value of Ivory for Enterprise mainframe integration projects.

If you’re not yet a customer, click here to learn how Ivory’s drag and drop capabilities, combined with a no-code platform, can help your organization maximize the value of its new and existing business logic applications.