Government Agency converts 1.5 million lines of code into $1 million in savings

A government agency in the state of Washington was using mature applications running on a Unisys 2200 mainframe that: 1) had been developed over 30 years, 2) were comprised of close to 1.5 million lines of COBOL code, 3) accessed thousands of files, large databases (DMS and RDMS), and hundreds of user interface screens, and 4) were controlled by over 50,000 lines of job control language (Unisys’ ECL and SSG). The solution needed to: 1) migrate the remaining 35 Unisys based applications to Windows/SQL Server, 2) use .NET-compliant COBOL or Visual Basic, 3) perform the migration quickly with the lowest risk possible, 4) allow user interfaces and reports to retain their format, style and navigation, and 5) ensure all applications be operating routinely on the new environment within an aggressive timeline.

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