Full Migration

Considering a full mainframe migration?

Do old applications and hardware no longer justify the cost of mainframe MIPS?

Do you need to phase out your mainframe for a more open environment?

What are the benefits of a full mainframe migration? Historically, the mainframe has held a unique position in reliability and security. Therefore it made perfect sense for large companies and organizations to invest in this infrastructure.

But, these benefits can now be found in other platforms.

Today, distributed systems bring more efficiency and innovation to business. As mainframe data center costs continue to grow, open-standard platforms are becoming cheaper. Whether you’re developing new business solutions or maintaining current systems, you have to support rapidly-changing business needs.

Benefits of a Full Mainframe Migration

  • Cut IT Expense
  • Greater Agility
  • More Flexibility
  • Low-Risk
  • Reduce MIPS
  • Modern Programming Tools
  • Addresses Mainframe Skills Gap

The Neo Suite of products and the expertise of our dedicated migration professionals can help you preserve your IT investment. Our solution will help move your legacy application environments and data storage to updated platforms. There is no “lift and shift” involved. Your data and applications will be fully migrated to Microsoft .NET.

If you are ready to make the transition, there has never been a better time to move beyond the limitations of your current platform. We will help you lower your costs, expand your options and increase your agility.