GT Software’s Data Integration

How much does it cost not having access to decision-making information when you need it?

How much? Apparently it cost enough that CEOs from companies of all sizes are starting to rank access to data as a high priority. Reported in a 2014 survey, 59% of CFOs indicated that business intelligence was their #1 priority. Yet, the reality of comprehensive business intelligence remains challenging because data, the intelligence of any organization, is often dispersed across multiple sources, formats, and technologies. GT Software’s Data Unification can help you easily access your business information in unison so your organization is more efficient, information flows faster and smarter decisions are possible.

Access and Transfer Large Volumes of Data

GT Software’s Data Integration ensures the business-critical, enterprise data residing on a mainframe can work in conjunction with any application or data residing on any other system — even in the cloud. GT Software’s Data Integration enables the staging and consolidation of data from multiple source systems, so you can neutralize format, validate relationships between records and data elements and create a single source for information access, improving decision making, application integration and web services.


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Unify Data for Better Intelligence

Almost every department within any organization can benefit from better decision intelligence. We make it easy. Feed large volumes of data, housed across several different sources, into third-party business intelligence solutions or include in your overall big data analysis. With GT Software’s Data Integration you can easily access and integrate mainframe data with any other solution or process.

GT Software’s Data Integration Includes: