COBOL Migration Consulting

Cut costs. Embrace new technology. Migrate from Micro Focus COBOL. Stop paying unnecessary, out of control, runtime fees. Free your COBOL from proprietary functions and add-ons. Our Professional Services team can help you transition from Micro Focus, ACUCOBOL, and CA-Realia to Fujitsu Software’s NetCOBOL. Cut costs, improve productivity and take advantage of the latest technology by Microsoft®.

Cut Costs

Get control of your application distribution costs. With NetCOBOL, COBOL runtimes are free—you won’t pay to distribute the COBOL applications you build using our software.

Transition Safely

Our team of migration experts can transition your core code from Micro Focus COBOL to Fujitsu COBOL without downtime or loss of functionality. Your system will retain its performance and reliability—at a drastically lower cost.

Tap the Latest Technology

NetCOBOL for .NET was the first native COBOL compiler for the Microsoft® .NET™ Framework, the most advanced development framework on the Web. With .NET you can take advantage of the latest technologies and write applications that interface with your existing COBOL code using modern languages like C, C++, C# and VB.NET. Create customer-facing web portals that securely access legacy data. Do it all without rewriting COBOL code.

Download the Data Sheet for NetCOBOL