GT Software’s Business Performance

Simplify and Accelerate Information Flow

GT Software’s Business Performance provides the integration and data access tools you need to improve operational responsiveness by simplifying and accelerating access to mainframe applications, data and processes. GT Software’s Ivory® Service Architect™ enables the creation of Web services for the orchestration of data and transactions to speed performance. This provides employees the necessary access to be more productive, making your workforce work faster, smarter and more effectively. Whether its sales data, inventory, pricing or rate quotes, with real time data employees can make more informed, relevant and timely decisions.

Speed Customer Response Time

With GT Software’s Business Performance even a remote workforce can access critical data while in the field. So if they need information to do “on-the-spot” estimates, claims pricing or access to account information, real time, bi-directional access means your customers can get immediate answers, prices or resolutions to their problems. Even when business critical data resides in the “hard-to-access” mainframe, you can integrate the data that you need, when you need it, into the applications and solutions your business needs to improve performance.

Align IT Systems with Business Process

It’s hard to imagine operating your business without the mainstay applications that reside on your mainframe. If you are a retailer this might mean your POS system, or if you are a financial services provider, it’s access to account purchases and payments. Whatever information your business needs to operate on a day-to-day basis, GT Software’s Business Performance can help make it run smoother with seamless and easy access to data sources.