Living in a VSE World - GT Software

Platforms come and platforms go, and IBM continues to make the z/OS mainframe more flexible and more powerful. But what if you’re living in a VSE world? I know that you’re out there and you may sometimes feel that you aren’t getting as much attention as other platforms. The other thing that I know, because I subscribe to the VSE listserv and regularly visit several VSE forums, is that there are many businesses out there depending on VSE to run day to day operations.

The challenge for you, however, is that the number of software vendors committed to VSE is dwindling every year. But I have great news to share. GT Software has been and continues to be committed to providing superior software solutions for the VSE platform. The following GT Software products run on VSE:

  • Assist/GT- Field and screen level help
  • BMS/GT- WYSIWYG BMS map generator
  • Ivory Service Architect- API enable mainframe applications
  • ViaSQL- SQL and API access to VSE Data

So, if you want to modernize VSE mainframe applications, expose VSE data to open systems applications, or API enable your VSE core applications, GT Software continues to be there for you.


-Don Spoerke, Director of Product Evangelism at GT Software