Application and API Development

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Custom application development helps organizations stay cutting-edge by integrating all data and apps

Today, to stay competitive and vital in the ever changing digital world, organizations have to take control of their data. With access to this data, whether from the mainframe, distributed environment, or cloud, enterprise organizations can create custom apps to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. In addition, building custom applications to leverage open APIs opens the world up by enabling the exchange of data between all enterprise platforms. Imagine what your organization could do with all of this knowledge.

Accessing Legacy Data

application development_servicesFor over 30 years, GT Software’s experts have specialized in accessing hard to reach legacy data and applications. Our Ivory® Service Architect™ is the pioneer solution in the legacy data access space, enabling developers to build robust web services to bring mainframe data together with modern technologies such as mobile, web, cloud, social, cognitive, and more.

GT Software’s Ivory® Suite provides top quality solutions to modernize and leverage existing IT investments.  Access to data and applications is possible without any additional coding or changes to existing code.

Empowering Mobility

Through mainframe data access, our professional services team has helped clients across all verticals harness the power of mobile. Legacy data and applications are often the backbone of your organization, storing key information about customers, trends, and other data points that are paramount for employees to have access to.  With GT Software’s Mobile Enablement solution, our team has helped our clients put the power of knowledge into the mobile world.

Robust Orchestration

Not only can GT Software’s integration solutions provide access to legacy data and applications, but our solutions provide powerful orchestration capabilities enabling developers to access and work with data in ways they did not think was possible when dealing with the mainframe.