Integration Solutions

Integration Solutions

GT Software’s Integration Solutions help businesses empower customers and employees with easy access to the information and applications that they need. Whether you want to improve business performance with easy mobile access to business critical solutions or unify your data from disparate sources for a  comprehensive view and better business intelligence, GT Software Integration can make it simple.


What might take years to rewrite, we can help you accomplish in weeks or even days. Let us show you how.

Bring together applications, information and data seamlessly – anywhere it’s needed.

Consolidate information across any platform, data format or programming language for better decisions.


Easily enable mobile and mainframe technologies.

Simplify and accelerate mainframe integration, access and mobility for improved performance.

Migration Solutions

Migration Solutions

GT Software’s Migration Solutions create significant savings for our customers. With a variety of offerings from partial to full migration away from the mainframe, GT Software can help you minimize cost, retain back-end business logic, and reuse existing Web services.


Migrating from a mainframe to more agile platforms is easier and less risky than you think. Let us show you how.

Move specific applications and data to a more cost effective and agile environment.

Struggling to reduce annual IT costs? Migrate legacy environments to economical platforms.

Want insight into potential cost, savings, time frames and risk before making a decision?

Migration Solutions

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Professional Services

Professional Services

GT Software Professional Services can help you turn costly mainframe resources into efficient, powerful and flexible IT systems to boost functionality, productivity and speed-to-market.


We have a variety of services to support your needs and provide the outside perspective and expertise that can help your projects be succinct and successful. Let us show you how. 


Let our mainframe experts uncover discrepancies resulting from years of programming code, development staff and applications.

Stop paying unnecessary runtime fees. Transition from Micro Focus, ACUCOBOL, and NetExpress to Fujitsu’s NetCOBOL

GT Software offers advanced product training through traditional classes or customized one-on-one instruction.

Modernization or Migration?

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Application Development Solutions

GT Software’s Application Development Solutions include a range of resources for creating mainframe applications. From integrating development environments, compiling COBOL code, creating “help” files and visually enhancing the user experience. And, most of our solutions eliminate the need for mainframe expertise or rewriting code, so you can get the job accomplished with existing resources.


GT Software’s Application Development Solutions help you simplify and streamline application development. Let us show you how.


Take control of your COBOL run-time costs while modernizing.

Easily access and integrate mainframe applications, data and processes.

Create help screens for 3270 applications with no code changes.

Quickly and easily create BMS maps.