Cloud Solutions

GT Software products and services support all major cloud deployment models including Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud scenarios. GT Software works with all major leading cloud providers by integrating our software solutions and expertise into unique solutions that solve your specific business problem.

GT Software can tailor a cloud solution designed specifically for your mainframe initiative. We support the entire spectrum of mainframe maturity models. If your mainframe is your most valuable computing resource or you need to move applications from the mainframe to improve vitality or to cut costs we are there to help. With GT Software Cloud Solutions you can:

  • Integrate high-value mainframe assets with cloud applications with Ivory.
  • Create hybrid mainframe-cloud integrations with Ivory and NEO.
  • Utilize the cloud to off-load batch processing with hybrid GT Software Solutions.
  • Move problematic or under utilized applications to the cloud.
  • Reduce cost and improve business value delivery by moving problematic mainframe apps to cloud.
  • Cut costs, improve application agility, and deliver new value to your customer, partners, suppliers and others with GT Cloud Solutions.

Does you organization need to: 

  • Access internally hosted applications from a Cloud based service.
  • Need to expose business logic applications as SaaS for business partners.
  • Provide the ability to select the best vendor for each business requirement with composite solutions.
  • Allow for a diverse application environment which is not location specific – allowing the ability to select geographic locations best suited for customer demands.
  • Isolate Internal Cloud from Public Cloud or provide enriched value add information from Public Clouds to Internal Cloud clients.
  • Move problematic mainframe apps or entire mainframe to reliable trusted environment while maintaining access to critical assets.

 The GT Cloud Solution Environment