Migrate Batch Apps to Windows®

Move your batch applications to a Windows environment, where you can employ the latest technologies without changing the current flow of processing that is already built into your systems.

NeoBatch moves mainframe JCL batch jobs and sort processes to high-performance, economical Windows® servers.

As a stand-alone application, NeoBatch enables the execution, monitoring, and management of jobs through an easy-to-use graphical interface. By optimizing jobs for Windows servers, NeoBatch drastically boosts performance and increases processing power to improve productivity. This optimization also reduces processing times by up to 50%, especially for jobs that are heavy in sort steps.

Benefits of NeoBatch:

  • Move costly MIPS off the mainframe to save time and money
  • Bring ease to JCL set-up and maintenance in Windows
  • Simplifies job management by enabling searches through the job catalog that show the progress and details of each job

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