Neo Suite

In addition to improved performance with our approach, GT Software clients see cost savings of 60% to 80% on expenses associated with headcount, system support, and hardware. Once migrated, your legacy business rules are easily exposed to C# and VB.NET, and modernization options abound.

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Easily Transform CICS BMS Map Screens – No Training Required

NeoKicks streamlines CICS by converting CICS BMS map screens into ASP.NET web pages. These web pages retain the same familiar look and functionality of the original screens, but operate as a true web application with all the features and functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio®.

Once NeoKicks has converted BMS maps into web pages, standard ASP.NET master pages, cascading style sheets and standard ASP.NET controls are available. With NeoKicks, it’s easy to replace character-based screens with graphical user interfaces, build customer-facing web portals, integrate social media, and create custom applications. When CICS is converted, it retains mainframe user interface behaviors like overtype, tabs, function keys and more. NeoKicks Wizards take CICS BMS maps and associated COBOL programs and converts them to ASP.NET pages, so there’s no learning curve from your end users. That means you won’t need to re-train staff or modify legacy code. You also become less dependent on the shrinking mainframe programming skills because NeoKicks lets you take advantage of .NET standard programming languages like C#, C++ and VB.NET.

Transforming CICS to ASP.NET Web Apps

NeoKicks converts CICS to ASP.NET through an easy-to-use wizard that functions within Microsoft Visual Studio. When the conversion is complete, CICS applications will run through a standard web browser.


When the NeoKicks conversion is complete, CICS applications will run within a standard web browser. They retain their interface and functionality, delivering the performance and flexibility of a distributed network without disrupting the user experience.


With CICS in .NET, user interfaces can easily be redesigned using CSS and HTML to incorporate logos, graphics and more.

Go Beyond .NET

The Windows® Azure™ cloud computing platform is based on the .NET Framework. This makes transferring ASP.NET web applications to the cloud simple and effective. It also makes leveraging mobile platforms through Windows® Mango possible.


Reduce batch processing times by running JCL batch processing in Windows®.

Cut Batch Processing Time Up to 50 Percent

NeoBatch moves mainframe JCL batch jobs and sort processes to high-performance, economical Windows® servers. As a stand-alone application, NeoBatch enables the execution, monitoring and management of jobs through an easy-to-use graphical interface. By optimizing jobs for Windows® servers, NeoBatch drastically boosts performance. This results in faster batch processing time and increased processing power to improve productivity and expand business. With NeoBatch, costly MIPS can be moved off the mainframe to save time and money – many GT Software customers have cut their batch processing time in half, along with drastically reducing their IT budgets. NeoBatch also features advanced sort capabilities that are renowned for being one of the fastest sort applications in the world.

Simple Batch Interface

The NeoBatch Job Manager provides an easy way to set up JCL on Windows®.

JCL Before

Managing JCL in the mainframe environment can be tedious and cumbersome. NeoBatch takes JCL job management to the next level.

Simple Job Management

The NeoBatch Job Manager lets you search the catalog for jobs and view job progress and details. You can also add jobs to My Jobs for easy access.

Powerful JCL Editor

Edit JCL and submit changes through one easy-to-use interface. The NeoBatch JCL Editor makes code changes fast and easy.


Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

NeoData gives you the freedom to use and access data and reports whenever and however you want. By translating mainframe VSAM data to standard Microsoft® SQL Server™, NeoData splits inaccessible indexed files into easily digestible, database-standard bits, freeing data from proprietary formats and closed systems.

NeoData works with standard COBOL indexed file I/O statements, but can read and write SQL data. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, NeoData makes mapping mainframe index files to SQL data tables easy with drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons to define data types. NeoData analyzes data’s record definitions and maps them to fully customizable data tables that can be modified to suit business needs. With NeoData, you can still take advantage of your COBOL applications. No rewriting required!

Data Translation Made Easy with NeoData

NeoData features a robust toolset that makes translating VSAM data easy and thorough.


The NeoData Converter automates the transition from VSAM indexed files to SQL data.


Edit VSAM files and their corresponding SQL data files with the easy-to-use GUI NeoData editor.


Customize how the data in VSAM files is mapped to corresponding SQL data tables.