CICS on the Web and in the Cloud

NeoKicks runs on-line CICS transactions under ASP.NET (web enabled) with little effort on your part. Wizards take CICS BMS maps and associated COBOL programs and convert them to ASP.NET pages that look and handle just like they do today, so there’s no learning curve from your end users. Just because everything initially looks the same, it’s a true web application so you’re able to use all the features and functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET WebForm designer to make the look, feel, and functionality state of the art. NeoKicks is also enabled in the Microsoft Azure cloud now also.

At runtime, NeoKicks interprets CICS commands and provides equivalent .NET functionality.

Duplicate Your CICS

NeoKicks duplicates your CICS applications for the Web. You’ll get the same look and feel as your legacy system.

That means you won’t need to re-train staff or modify legacy code.

Modernize Your CICS

Replace character-based screens with graphical user interfaces. Build customer-facing web portals that access legacy data and leverage COBOL programs. Integrate social media. Create custom apps to take full advantage of the most advanced web-based framework ever.

Project Wizard

The NeoKicks Project Wizard imports CICS COBOL code into Visual Studio and preprocesses EXEC CICS statements into NeoKicks equivalents. The Wizard also converts CICS screens and BMS maps into ASP.NET web pages.

Standard Functions

When CICS is converted, it retains mainframe user interface behaviors like overtype, tabs, function keys and more.

Custom Screens

Once NeoKicks has converted your BMS maps into web pages, you can employ standard ASP.NET master pages,cascading style sheets and standard ASP.NET controls.

Open Code

NeoKicks lets you take advantage of .NET standard programming languages like C#, C++ and VB.NET.NET. Tap new programming talent and create applications to access external web databases, create custom

functions and more.


  • Converts CICS COBOL into NeoKicks statements
  • Converts screens into ASP.NET web pages with CSS styles
  • Converts CICS ECI into Web services
  • Supports CICS commands
  • Supports any database connection with transaction coordination
  • Monitor with SCOM
  • FAQ

Transforming CICS to ASP.NET Web Apps

NeoKicks converts CICS to ASP.NET through an easy-to-use wizard that functions within Visual Studio. When the conversion is complete, CICS applications will run through a standard web browser.


When the NeoKicks conversion is complete, CICS applications will run within a standard web browser. They retain their interface and functionality, delivering the performance and flexibility of a distributed network without disrupting the user experience.


With CICS in .NET, user interfaces can easily be redesigned using CSS and HTML to incorporate logos, graphics and more.
Go Beyond .NET

The Windows® Azure™ cloud computing platform is based on the .NET Framework. That makes transferring ASP.NET web applications to the cloudsimple and effective. It also makes leveraging mobile platforms through Windows® Mango possible. This is the same CICS video app runningon the Windows® Metro UI.

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