Migrate Mainframe Data Sources to Open Systems

NeoData translates mainframe VSAM data to standard Microsoft® SQL Server. The application splits
inaccessible indexed files into easily digestible, database-standard bits, freeing your data from proprietary formats and closed systems.

With NeoData, you’re free to use your data how you like it. Get instant reports and view data whenever and however you want. Use VSAM data with web-based databases. Do it all without rewriting code.

Analyze Automatically

NeoData analyzes your data’s record definitions and maps them to SQL data tables. You can also customize the mapping to fit your needs.

Retain Your Code

NeoData works with standard COBOL indexed file I/O statements, but can read and write SQL data. That means you’ll be able to use your COBOL apps without rewriting them.

Standard Data Structures

Pick from several standard SQL data table structures and modify them to meet your needs. NeoData is fully customizable—you’ll get the best database for your business.

Easy-to-use Interface

NeoData features an easy-to-use interface that makes mapping mainframe index files to SQL data tables simple.

Define data types and set using drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons. Test file translation scripts before translating all your data.


  • Analyzes record definitions and maps them to SQL tables
  • Supports SQL-CLR User Defined Types
  • Works with COBOL indexed file I/O – use your existing COBOL apps
  • Includes SQL data table types
  • Migrates mainframe EBCDIC data to Windows® ASCII
  • Ability to fully schematize data into a relational database environment Easy-to-use interface
  • FAQ

Data Translation made Easy

NeoData features a robust toolset that makes translating VSAM data easy and thorough.

The NeoData Converter automates the transition from VSAM indexed files to SQL data.
Edit VSAM files and their corresponding SQL data fileds with the easy-to-use GUI NeoData editor.
Customize how the data in VSAM files is mapped to corresponding SQL data tables.

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