Execute JCL on Windows®

Drastically reduce batch processing times. NeoBatch moves mainframe JCL batch jobs and sort processes to high-performance, economical Windows® servers. The stand-alone application lets you execute, monitor and manage jobs through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

NeoBatch can move MIPS off the mainframe, drastically cutting costs and increasing performance.

Effortless Configuration

NeoBatch features an easy-to-use control panel and full-featured rich text editor for setting up JCL on Windows® servers. With NeoBatch, setup is fast and simple.

Unparalleled Speed

Many of our customers cut batch processing times in half. NeoBatch optimizes jobs for Windows® servers, drastically boosting performance. That gives you more time and processing power to improve productivity and expand your business.


  • Support for most DFSORT and SyncSort commands
  • Job restart support with file cleanup
  • Connect remotely to your NeoBatch servers through the NeoBatch Job Manager client
  • Analyze jobs with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Monitor Jobs execution with SCOM
  • Includes server farm support
  • Debug user steps and scripts with Microsoft® Script Debugger and Visual Studio
  • Execute Windows® command-line tools as steps in batch jobs
  • Integrates with Active Directory
  • Supports MVS JCL
  • Integrates with most job schedulers
  • Familiar MVS cataloging structure for data sets
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Simple Batch Interface

The NeoBatch Job Manager provides an easy way to set up JCL on Windows®.

JCL Before
Managing JCL in the mainframe environment can be tedious and cumbersome. NeoBatch takes JCL job management to the next level.
Simple Job Management
The NeoBatch Job Manager lets you search the catalog for jobs and view job progress and details. You can also add jobs to My Jobs for easy access.
Powerful JCL Editor
Edit JCL and submit changes through one easy-to-use interface. The NeoBatch JCL Editor makes code changes fast and easy.

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