NetCOBOL for .NET v7.0 R2


Join the .NET World

The Fujitsu NetCOBOL® for .NET COBOL compiler enables access to the latest web technologies. COBOL applications can easily integrate with Internet XML Web Services and ASP.NET applications. The NetCOBOL for .NET compiler produces Microsoft’s® Intermediate Language (MSIL) that executes under the Common Language Runtime (CLR). This language-neutral, platform-independent environment allows the use of modern languages like C# and VB.NET on any .NET-compatible hardware and in the Windows®Azure™ cloud.

Eliminate COBOL Runtime Fees for Good

With NetCOBOL for .NET, there is no additional charge for distributing applications created using NetCOBOL. By removing runtime fees for good, it’s possible to drastically cut cost and eliminate administrative headaches.

Benefits of NetCOBOL for .NET

  • No COBOL runtime license fees
  • Easy integration with Microsoft .NET and Microsoft’s® Visual Studio
  • Compatible with Windows® Azure™ cloud computing
  • Faster application development and maintenance
  • Access to COBOL programs with other programming languages (VB and C#)

Secure Mainframe in the Cloud with No Worries – Windows®Azure™

Don’t waste money on hardware you don’t need. With Windows®Azure™, your system will automatically grow to meet the needs of fluctuating business cycles. You won’t pay for servers to sit idle. IT costs will shrink thanks to included support and data redundancy. The transition from the Windows® .NET Framework to Windows Azure is fast and easy. Once COBOL applications are running in .NET, they can be moved to Windows® Azure™ without modifications.

NetCOBOL runs natively on Windows® Azure™ without emulation, allowing COBOL to interact with modern cloud-compatible languages. With NetCOBOL, existing functionality is preserved while taking total advantage of the cloud. With Windows® Azure™, data is automatically backed up and duplicated across secure servers worldwide. There simply isn’t a more secure platform. We can also help you setup private or hybrid clouds for ultimate privacy and security. In Azure™, Microsoft® enterprise services like Exchange, SharePoint and Dynamics are managed by Microsoft® experts. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day and maintained by IT personnel. Your system will just work – without a big investment in IT staff.

Latest Release Notes – NetCOBOL for .NET v8.0

With the release of NetCOBOL for .NET v8, many new capabilities have been opened up to the COBOL development world. Especially for IBM COBOL developers who use IBM’s LE Subroutines, NetCOBOL for .NET v8 gives them more options in which to continue to do COBOL development.

Support for Visual Studio 2017
Support for .NET Framework 4.6.2
Support for IBM LE subroutines

  • Bit operation subroutines
  • Condition processing subroutines
  • Date and time subroutines
  • Dynamic storage area subroutines
  • General subroutines
  • Initialization and Termination subroutines
  • Math subroutines
  • Message processing subroutines
  • Country wise language support subroutines

Latest Release Notes – NetCOBOL for .NET v7.0

Now featuring support for the RyuJIT compiler, which vastly improves compiler support. Programs that used to take hours to compile, can now compile in minutes or even seconds.

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015/.NET Framework 4.5.2/4.6
  • Stored procedure performance improvement
  • Support of ACUCOBOL subroutines
  • Support of COBOL file access subroutines
  • Data Provider Extension Function – Supports connection to databases using data providers other than the .NET Framework standard data providers.
  • Database Distributed Transaction – Using the distributed transaction, the transaction is shared between COBOL programs and .NET languages like C#, VB, etc.
  • Support of ACCEPT FROM SYSIN
  • Database NULL character processing – You can now enable or disable the NULL value of the host variable of the output value of an alphanumeric item
  • PICTURE strings 50 digits support
  • Editor Enhancements – Overtype on sequence number area and indicator area
  • Using the SQL CLR on .NET Framework 4
  • Support the default value of paper size and printing format

Release Notes: NetCOBOL for .NET v6.0

  • Supports Visual Studio 2013 / .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • Support for CSV data file format
  • Support of recursive calls
  • Support of CBL subroutines that are compatible with COBOL CBL subroutines from Micro Focus Co., Ltd.
  • Performance enhancements for stored procedures