Bring Flexibility to COBOL – Connect COBOL to Linux

Fujitsu NetCOBOL® for Linux x64 brings the reliability of NetCOBOL for Windows® to the Linux environment. It can be used to create 64-bit server applications or applications that need the power of COBOL’s business logic. Enabling COBOL applications to interoperate with modern programming languages enables the creation of a flexible, future-proof enterprise system.

Eliminate COBOL Runtime Fees for Good

With NetCOBOL for Linux, there is no additional charge for distributing applications created using NetCOBOL. By removing runtime fees for good, it’s possible to drastically cut cost and eliminate administrative headaches.

Benefits of NetCOBOL for Linux

  • No COBOL runtime fees
  • Highest performance and reliability
  • Generates native code for 64-bit Linux on Intel architecture machines
  • Standards compliant (COBOL 85, 89 addendum)
  • Verified support of Oracle and Pro*COBOL
  • Integrates easily with other programming languages
  • Supports Unicode and multi-threaded execution

Latest Release – NetCOBOL for Linux v11

  • Encoding form support of UTF-32 and Shift-JLS for new localization
  • Support of named pipe of COBOL File Access Routine