Mainframe Migration with the Neo Suite


GT Software’s Neo Suite enables organizations to move off the mainframe to a lower cost platform, positioning them to extend and modernize their legacy applications in ways a lift and shift migration doesn’t.

Neo Suite is a great option for you if you:

  • Don’t want to change business rules- Most Commercial off the Shelf applications contain attractive software options, however they often require you to change many of your business rules to fit the new system. Our Neo platform will allow you to leverage your existing business rules and logic in a more modern setting.
  • Prefer DIY Migration- Utilizing our highly automated tooling, the majority of our customers are able to do the migration themselves. We do offer System Integrators for our customers who have specialty areas that need to be addressed.
  • Want to save moneyThere are costs associated with moving off the mainframe. However, working with the right products can help ensure a superior return on investment.
  • Prefer a modern solution- Based on our research, over 70% of organizations have some level of .NET development in house. We focus on .NET solutions because they provide superior scalability and extensibility.


Risk Aversion

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to rewrite an application or to migrate to a new platform. Rewriting to a different language and potentially losing business rules is a huge risk for most organizations. You may also lose talent who are unable to transition to a new language. The better alternative is to transform to a new platform and keep your applications basically intact. Keeping employees in place who know your applications and business helps to ensure that you keep your risk to a minimum.

Cost Savings

Mainframes are expensive, but the products and applications that are needed to support the mainframe increase that cost. Customers can save up to 90% by moving off the mainframe. For instance, a job scheduler on the mainframe might cost $1 million, but a job scheduler off the mainframe might cost $50k.

Future Flexibility

By remaining on the mainframe, you are locked into a restrictive environment, where you are limited to a single vendor’s solutions. Migration allows your application to interface with solid technologies off the mainframe, such as IIS, Microsoft Reporting Services and System Center Operations Manager, which gives you the security of matching the performance of your existing mainframe and at the same time, affording you the ability to interface more easily to different technologies.

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