GT Software helps enterprise organizations align their mainframe infrastructure and information with business strategy. For over 30 years, we’ve specialized in data unification and application integration across platforms, formats and programming languages—including the “hard-to-access” mainframe. We’ve helped more than 2,500 companies world-wide improve business performance, reduce costs, and streamline application development.

No Matter What Your Mainframe Strategy, It's Possible with GT Software.


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    Migration Savings

    Cruise line migrates off the mainframe, cuts IT expenses by 80 percent, and boosts efficiencies beyond previous possibilities.

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    Customer Experience

    German sports car manufacturer allows customers to customize dream cars online, creating an engaging customer experience.

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    Business Improvement

    Large German bank improves employee productivity and customer service with sophisticated access to mainframe applications.

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    COBOL Conversion Savings

    State department turns 1.5 million lines of code into $1 million in savings.


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